Sunday, 28 September 2014

It's in the detail: Kitchens

It's those small details, the finishing touches that bring a room to life.

Following the kitchen theme from my last post, today we're talking kitchen finishing touches. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. No other room sees quite as much action. A place to dine with friends and family, to catch up with life, cook dinner and destroy some too. A place where muddy feet and dirty paws leave their mark.

It is easy to forget the finishing touches in the kitchen and it remains purely functional, but shouldn't we extend the same thought to the kitchen as we do with all our other rooms in the home. In fact, the same rules apply so don't be afraid to bring them into the kitchen.

Never under estimate the power lighting has in the kitchen, if you're designing a new kitchen, whether completely brand new or low budget updates, I would encourage you to spend some budget on new lighting, spot lights with dimmer functions so you can create functional task lighting for cooking and ambient lighting for dining. It will make the world of difference, not only that, do not shy away from table lighting, and pendants.

Quite simply, a room without flowers is never complete, I have flowers in every room of my house.

Be creative with your kitchen accessories and food. Why not fill some glass jars with granola instead of hiding the box in the cupboard. Layer your chopping boards for interest and fill some pots with herbs for your windowsill.  Display your cookbooks. Just remember, a functional space doesn't have to be boring.

Do not be afraid of art in the kitchen. Alongside lighting, this is another way to completely transform your kitchen and ensure it isn't just another functional space, and it doesn't need to cost a fortune.

Soft furnishings...
Rugs, curtains, blinds, table runners and cloths. All of these complete a room, adding warmth and personality.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Modern Country Kitchen

I would sum up my style as Modern Country... Country interiors with a luxury, modern touch.

I am currently working on a few designs, one being a kitchen so thought it fitting to share some modern country kitchen inspiration with you.

I have a love for airy kitchens with modern muted tones, rustic textures such as wood and cotton, teamed with sophisticated pattern, glassware and flowers.

How would you describe your style?
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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dream Box Designs

Happy Saturday design lovers, what have you been up to?

This morning I found myself sleeping in before baking in my PJ's with the sunshine and music as company, wishing I could do this everyday before realising if it were an everyday occurrence, it wouldn't feel this good now! It certainly wouldn't do anything for my healthy eating regime. 

I've been keeping busy in my studio recently, painting, teaching with Wet Paint or pulling new designs together, loving every minute. So thought i'd share a couple of images with you, enjoy the rest of your afternoon, I'm off to bake some banana bread and complete another concept board.

Wet Paint Workshop
Working on a bathroom concept board
Working on an office concept board
Working studio
"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt"

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Wet Paint: Furniture Painting Workshop

Happy New Year.............

I'm back, feeling on top form after Christmas and a couple of weeks bed/sofa bound and ready to share some exciting news.

Perhaps you have a New Years Resolution? Want to learn something new for 2014? Well, I may have the thing for you.

This year I am opening my studio doors (Yes, we got the studio finished before Christmas, explains the blog silence) to teach some workshops. My first workshop is part of an exciting new collaboration with my very talented Mother-In-Law, together we have launched Wet Paint. Offering high end painted furniture, taking commissions and teaching furniture painting workshops. This workshop will be one of many over the coming year, I have a feeling 2014 is going to be great, busy but great!

Images: Pinterest

Saturday 1st February (FULL)
Saturday 8th March
Saturday 5th April

Time: 10am – 4pm; Tea & coffee served from 9:30am

Cost: £115.00

A full day workshop in our studio nestled in the serene Cambridgeshire countryside. The fun and informal workshop with Jax and Laura, owners of Wet Paint will allow you to take home not only the techniques and know how to paint furniture but the confidence to transform old and tired furniture into new and loved pieces for your home.

You will learn:
Which tools are required to transform your furniture
How to prep your furniture
How to use Chalk paint
A number of paint techniques including; 
Gold and Silver Gilding
How to finish and wax furniture

Included in the day:
All equipment, paint and wax
Practise wood boards to paint and take home 
Workshop notes
Lunch and homemade scrumptious treats

Please bring with you:
A small piece of furniture to paint in the afternoon (a small table or chair is ideal)
Wear old clothes or clothes you don't mind getting dirty
Your sweet tooth 

Please contact us if you are interested in attending either by Facebook or e-mail: